Chain link fence for tennis courts 

Surface treatment Mesh size
Wire diameter
after/before plastic coating

(galvanized plastic coated wire)

Color RAL6005
45 3,00/1,90 3000

standard packing
in rolls 18 m

      • chain link fence can be delivered in rolls, in standard packing
      • we offer also posts and other accessories for correct and quick installation
      • this kind of chain link fence can be produced only on demand
      Name Mesh size (mm) Wire diameter (mm) Height (mm) Packing Price tax incl. Demand list
      45 mm 3,00/1,90 mm 3000 mm 18 m (BND) 181,80 € Add
      45 mm 3,00/1,90 mm 4000 mm 18 m (BND) 242,46 € Add
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