Meshes and fences - basic division of meshes and fences

Meshes and fences:

Chain link fences

Chain link fence, plastic-coated fences are classic types of fences, which belong to the standard types of fencing. They are made of galvanised or PVC coated steel wire. The properties of the mesh meet all the requirements for usability, durability and aesthetics.

Among the range of chain link fence, the following are mainly used:

galvanised chain link fence
plastic coated chain link fence

Chain link fences are delivered with with posts and brace posts (ZN and BPL) and accessories for installation.

Welded fence meshes

Welded fencing is manufactured from galvanised steel wire and is subsequently coated with a high quality, adhesive plastic. They are characterised by high elegance, aesthetics and durability.

The following welded fence meshes are available::
- mesh E-PLAST
- mesh H-PLAST
- mesh V-PLAST

AQUIGRAF posts and accessories for fencing installation are used for welded fencing.

Fence panels

Fence panels are products of a superior character, which with their elegance and ease of installation represent the pinnacle in fencing programmes. They are suitable for fencing houses, companies, enterprises and production halls, schools, sports facilities and stadiums.

The most common types of fence panels:
PLUTO fence panels
PLUTO LIGHT fence panels
JUPITER fence panels
DOUBLE fence panels

Posts type GALAXIA, GALAXIA with base plates and panel mounting accessories are used for fence panels.