Connecting spiral 4,00mm x 110cm / ZN+AL

Connecting spirals 4,00mm x 110cm / ZN+AL View larger

Welded gabions are supplied in a disassembled state as individual blocks, which are joined directly at the construction site with connecting spirals. Three lengths of spirals are used: 0.6 m, 1.1 m and 1.6 m, which are used to stitch the individual blocks and partitions together into a complete unit. However, it must be taken into account that individual spirals can be used to connect e.g. adjacent bottoms and a partition at the same time, i.e. several sides of individual blocks or partitions are connected with one spiral.

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Data sheet

Gabion - Length of connecting spiral 110 cm
Gabion- wire diameter (mm) 4,00 mm
Gabion - surface treatment ZN+AL (95+5%)

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